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JEDDAH — TSI (The Synergy International) Bowlers overcame a poor second game and won a three-way battle for Team of the Week honors during the third session in the FTBJ-ICBL 39th Conference bowling tournament at the Sultanah Mall’s Bowling City on Tahlia Street here.

On a day of tight scoring, TSI shot a total of 33 points to edge out Lance & 3rdy and Ekis Reload, which tied on 32 points. Mixed Nuts returned 29 points at fourth place on the day, ahead of Cash Pinas-Fawri 28 and FGS Bowlers 26.

Host Bowling City carded 25.5 points with Crime Buster on 18 and Dabarkads on 15.5 points. The previous week honoree, Jeraisah, had a bad day in the office to be next to last on 10 points while JP Gilas IV occupied the cellar on 6 points.

Shams Muztafa made it a TSI double in this Conference dubbed Harvest Coconut Water Bowling League by clinching the men’s Bowler of the Week award after carding the high series of 659 on scratch games of 236, 190, 233. Muztafa drew solid support from the duo of Azhanah and Grace Funtilon who shot 538 and 556. Sharing two games each were Wal Kamal Azlan 165-183, Suhaime Leong 179-177 and Tariq Antonio 171-201.

While narrowly missing team honors Lance’s total was good enough to keep the team at No. 1 thanks chiefly to Mhon Laxamana and Shirley Sagmit who drilled 579 and 574 respectively. Evelyn Santoc was the other player to go the distance on 546 while with two games each were Joey Calapatia 164-196, Pancho Cuevas 212-192 and Ric Reformado 174-200.

Ekis Reload did not go home empty-handed after being pipped by TSI courtesy of Alma Bacero who emerged as the ladies Bowler of the Week with a three-game series of 618 on lines of 190, 134, 204. Malu Relativo backed up Alma on 589 with Malu’s husband Faisal Relativo also bowling solid on 537. The other scorers were George Mangaliman 535, Zaldy Bacero 236-208 and Fadi Al-Haddad 213.

Over at Mixed Nuts, Carmen Bernardo missed breaking 600 by a few pins on 591 as the team’s top scorer. Jimmy Mandigiado tallied 588 with Rey Beltran and Aileen Miralbuna as the other players at full games on 549 and 531. Oca Bernabe tossed in 226-191 and Gary Raymundo had 157.

Three players went full games at Cash Pinas in Andy Yumena 579, Nonie Yap 552 and Ester Santoc 542, while the distaff side’s Imelda Sayago and Maris Resano contributed two games each on 155-177 and 190-161 as did their male counterpart James Galvan 166-188 in the five-man team league event sponsored by Harvest Coconut Water juice drink distributed by Binzagr Co. Marketing Manager Raju Nair facilitated the sponsorship.

Team standings after the third week:

1. Lance & 3rdy 100.5 points 2. Bowling City 79.5 3. Ekis Reload-4 78.0 4. FGS Bowlers 74.5 5. JP Gilas IV 73.0 6. Jeraisah 73.0 7. The Synergy International 72.0 8. Cash Pinas-Fawri 69.0 9. Mixed Nuts 64.0 10. Dabarkads 53.5 11.Crime Buster 46.0.




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