Ahmed Siraj Eldin bowled strongly in the last of the two-game


Ahmed Siraj Eldin bowled strongly in the last canto of the two-game finals outscoring Ruel Santoc, Scott Bronson and Jay Bengco to clinch the March title of the FEDBG monthly tournament at the Bowling City here.
Siraj, known as Din to fellow Malaysian bowlers, was fourth during the elimination and dramatically survived the group DE when he tied Haffiz in the playoff but beat the latter in the 2-frame deadlock breaker. Also defeated by Din were Yasid, Frank Afurong and Dylan Ilagan in the playoff then took down the top qualifier Tommy Kamal in their group championship.
Aspiring for the overall title, Din was up against Bronson, who beat Henry Kahayon in the OA class, Santoc who succeeded over Archie Santos in Class B and Bengco who outlasted Priz Calidro in Class C. Santos masterfully eliminated Emil Payongayong (224), Kaleem Salim (178) and Bobby Baraquel (172) with his 236. Bengco humbled Renato Gonzales (194), Richard Antonio (172) and Ed Viray with his 200 while Bronson had 189 to Kahayon’s 164.
In the finals, Bronson and Bengco initially dominated with identical 219s with Din on 195 and Santoc far down on 165.
But the atmosphere suddenly changed in the homestretch of the ultimate game when Santoc and Din profusely rallied to put pressur on Bronson and Bengco. Capitalizing on his handicap Din realized his aspiration as his 228 gave him the FEDBG March title on two-game total of 423.
Santoc went from from cellar to first runner-up on 404 after a final game charge of 227 while Bronson and Bengco ended up third and fourth on totals of 392 and 382.
On the ladies division, Ailen Miralbuna narrowly survived Malou Gime on the cutoff then eliminated playoff competitors with her 207. Nurissa Ramos, Imelda Sayago and Ester Santoc succumbed to Miralbuna with respective tallies of 166, 175 and 193 in group AB.
Grace Funtilon lost to Mariz Resano in their CD survival match.
Miralbuna was pitted againt direct finalist Sally Sañosa, Eloisa Fernandez and Mariz Resano in the finals.
The match was close between Miralbuna and Sañosa till halfway. But the two marks gained on the homestretch were enough for Miralbuna to be the FEDBG March champion in the division on final tallies of 191-173. Resano and Fernandez settled for third and fourth with respective efforts of 167 and 146.

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