Sponsor by TSI ( The Synergy International (FTBJ -Friday PM League)

The Synergy International is an international diversified group of companies specializing in various industries. Established in 2016, TSI’s focus is to capitalize strategic value of innovative technology and creativity to create lasting improvements, maximum output, and satisfaction of every client. Our aim is to provide sustainable and quality food to everyone, ensuring healthy breathing air to all people, and capitalize strategic value of technology for businesses and industries. 

TSI aims to be the global leader in revolutionary Nano-Tech agriculture products that are reliable and affordable, services and solutions that enable and transform consumers and businesses to the advantages of ever-evolving technology. Our concept is to create simple and efficient technology applications that determine the future of the industries. We expect the best we have to offer by always keeping TSI’s value top of our mind.

Please visit our website for more detail on our product –> http://www.tsi.com.sa/