Nur Yazid on 2nd Place

Jimmy Aragones and Ester Santoc saved their best for last to respectively overtake Nur Yasid and Kim Heuring and finally clinch the men’s and ladies championships for May conducted by Fililipino Expatriate Damayan Bowling Group (FEDBG) at the Bowling City here.
Qualified No. 1 via rule of consistency (67-71) after a 763-all finish with Emil Payongayong, Aragones scored 225 to beat Archie Santos en route to the overall championship.
Santos bowled superbly with 236 against Payongayong, Ernie Geslani and Bobby Baraquel 236 in his bid to face Aragones for Class B honors. Aragones’ success over Santos enabled him to face Rudy Valenzuela (A), Richard Antonio (C) and Yasid (D) for the overall monthly title.
With a 188 opener, Aragones was behind Yasid who topped Game 1 on 194. Antonio and Valenzuela rolled 182 and 180. Disadvantaged by 30 pins from Yasid going into the last game, Aragones stepped up his assault on a lofty rolling strategy to overcome the worn-out lanes and succeeded with string of strikes that gave him equal chance on the eighth frame.
Marking the last two frames, Aragones totaled 402 including his 214 endgame to be the FEDBG men’s division champion for May. Yasid settled for second on 375 while Valenzuela and Antonio finished third and fourth on 367 and 355 respectively.
In the ladies sudden death championship, Santoc, dramatically clinched the title from a lowly start at 8th position.
Minda Guevara carded 371 to lead after after two games followed by Eloisa Fernandez (364) and Mariz Resano (348). Santoc rose to 4th position with 340 after a 192 recovery.
Threatening right behind her were Grace Funtilon and Kim Heuring with 337 each. Then the threat came good in the third game when Funtilon and Heuring accelerated to first and second spots with 547 and 541 on their 215 and 200 pursuits. Guevara slid to third with 524 while Santoc kept fourth place with 518 and Fernandez trailling with 513.
Santoc then pushed forward at 216 in the last game to emerge ladies champion of May with 4-game total with handicap of 734. Santoc barely got past Huering, who was second on 730 including a final game 189, while Guevara and Fernandez placed third and fourth with 689 and 684. Nurissa Ramos, Funtilon, Resano, Sally Sanosa and Malou Gime followed in that order.